Local resident of Whitehill and Bordon, Andrea, kindly took some time out of her day to talk to Cycle Sphere about her experience of zipping around our town on her bicycle and scooter.

Why do you choose to cycle?
I enjoy Cycling and Scooting, I find it a fun and varied way of exercising, getting into fresh air and open spaces. I love getting out into nature, particularly in the woods where I can hear the birds singing and see the changes in the seasons. Whilst I enjoy my solitary outings, I also like to go out with other people, which adds to the mental health benefits. It’s great to have safe places to enjoy.
How easy is it to cycle in Bordon?
Very easy – although the gates on to Hogmoor and on the green loop are a bit fiddly. The new cycle infrastructure has helped a great deal. I enjoy the safety of the A325 cycle paths and have spotted lots of flowers, butterflies, and insects in the verges. As the A325 paths are wide and smooth it means I can chat and socialise with friends and family as we walk or cycle, which is important to me. The new cycle paths make getting around the area safe and fun making them a valuable part of our family activities.
Do you use a bike to replace car journeys?
Generally, no! The main reason for not using my bike is the worry of having the bike stolen,
so, I don’t tend to use it for nipping to the shops, just really use if for leisure purposes.

How far do you cycle a week?
Usually 4-6 miles – two to three times a week. Occasionally I go on longer adventures.
Would you recommend cycling to other local residents?
Yes! Definitely. You can take children out without worrying that they are going to be squished on fast roads. Our family make the best of the new infrastructure, and not worrying about being in traffic makes outings more relaxing and fun.

You said one of the things that motivates you to cycle is the Betterpoints App. What do you like about the App?
I have earned lots of points since I signed up and that encourages me to walk, cycle and scoot more. I love earning extra points for passing the Totems on the Green loop. I enjoy spending them too!
I have put my points towards a new bike, and accessories for it. I have given e-vouchers to help my children towards their shopping whilst at university and I still have more points to redeem.

Do your family see the benefit from you cycling/scooting?
Yes! Husband benefits from my cycling – he gets control of the remote!
Seriously though, I am a much happier person because of getting out and my husband actively encourages me. He likes the gym, I like my 2 wheels and I feel a lot healthier and alive now I am no longer a couch potato.