“I encourage more people to try delivery by bicycle, I massively recommend it!” – Tom – delivery rider


Before we said farewell to Tom, the only BICYCLE delivery person working from The Shed, we asked him a few questions, to find out more about his experience of pedalling around Whitehill and Bordon.  The insights into delivering by Bike (non-electric) are fascinating:

How easy is it to cycle around Whitehill and Bordon?  “With the new infrastructure it is easy.  There are challenges, for example Chalet Hill – an electric bike would make it easier for those who aren’t so fit.  The Highstreet and relief Road cycle paths make it safe, quick, and easy to get from one end of the town to the other.” Tom also confirmed he used the paths through Hogmoor.   “There are some negatives, as a delivery cyclist getting from A to B quickly is essential – you do have to slow down at some points as visibility isn’t always great.”  Tom sighted the junction of Kildare Road the visibility from the cycle path is poor- you can’t see cars coming towards Camp Road.

Why did you choose to switch from delivering by car to delivering by Bicycles? “There are a few reasons, I want to join the RAF and need to build my cardio resilience.  I know from studies that short journeys are the most harmful to the environment, so I like the feeling of being Eco Friendly too.” Tom also stated that the increase in Petrol prices made delivering by bike far more attractive.

Is Bicycle Delivery quicker than Car?  “Yes! quite often as I could take short cuts, cars on the other hand are forced to go the long way around.”   “Any deliveries that involve going down Chalet Hill and some parts of Hogmoor Road are quicker.”  Tom explained that he delivered to the local post codes whereas car deliveries were used to cover addresses that are further-a-field.

What are the benefits?  “Health wise, cardio fitness massively improved.  Delivering on the bike gives me a nice fresh and clear mind, which I didn’t get from driving, so I guess it has mental health benefits.” “I encourage more people to try delivery by bicycle, I massively recommend it!”

Petrol prices v bike – Typically Tom reported that he would put £50 petrol in his car for 3 days of deliveries.  When he switched to cycling, he obviously didn’t have the expense of petrol. His next words were a revelation.  “I therefore expected to earn the same amount without having the expense of petrol, but I earnt more.”  “Delivering in the car I would deliver 12 -16 drops a day.  On the bike I delivered 18-24 deliveries a day.”   Tom earned the same hourly rate as a car delivery driver but was paid £1 per delivery instead of £1.25 that car drivers receive.

How far do you cycle a day?  “On average 25-30 miles.”

Do people generally prefer to see you deliver on a bicycle?  “ Yes, they ask more questions and seem to be interested that their food has arrived by bike.” I was initially surprised by Tom’s next statement “People tend to Tip more too.”  I guess when you think about it, it’s obvious this would be the case: people tend to appreciate the extra effort taken to get the food to them.

Did you use the Betterpoints App?  Yes, I use the Betterpoints App.  I have accumulated a lot of points but haven’t spent them yet.   “I like the idea of being entered into a free prize draw just for cycling around the town.”

Owners of 350 Burgers Dayne and Tracey – Confirmed that cycle delivery was a Benefit to their company saying “It was quicker and environmentally friendly.  They would love to have 3-4 bike delivery personal. However, some of their staff have tried to switch from car to bike, but for fitness reasons they soon gave up.

Tom has moved away from Bordon and is pursuing an RAF Career.  The team at Cycle Sphere thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and wish you all the best for the future.