Kiffy Capsule eCargo bike

Kiffy Capsule eCargo bike


Kiffy Capsule – an extraordinarily versatile eBike:

School run & short – journey family transport

Last-mile deliveries

Local health-care & professional visits

What could you use one for….?


The Kiffy Capsule Cargo bike is a highly capable bike designed to transport, goods, children, shopping or equipment, up to 200kgs (in total).  Its long tail ideal is ideal for carrying children or cargo. Riding it is easy: whether loaded or unloaded giving a relaxed confident position whilst feeling stable and easily manoeuvrable.

A Kiffy cargo bike could be life-style choice for a family or a business that is seeking to make a conscious decision to live more sustainably by reducing their carbon footprint.  An economical (no emission charges, smaller service and insurance costs, no MOT) versatile and ethical way to get around town with zero emissions it makes a fantastic alternative to a car.

The Kiffy can be configured for multitude of applications, here are just a few.

Family vehicle – Set it up for family use with either two child seats or a child seat and a cushion for an older sibling – the safety bars give extra reassurance and safety for your precious cargo.  Utilise the integral front basket to carry up to 15kg of paraphernalia associate with young children or fill it with your shopping.

Business Cargo carrier – configure the long tail with boxes or crates with extra storage in the front basket manufactured to handle weight of 15Kg.

Good for use in:

Congested or access restricted areas as cheaper to use in Clean Air Zones and easier to move around in pedestrianised zones.

Time critical deliveries as less affected by congestion, making them more reliable.

High-density network with many stops in a short distance.

Inter-site shuttling Business uses an e-cargo to shuttle deliveries between their own outlets/sites/offices

Last/First mile to & from consolidation and distribution hubs.

Mobile advertising – more versatile than a conventional vehicle able to access pedestrian areas, parks or cruising around town and city streets avoiding clean air charges.

Its versatility is defined by your imagination!


MOTORIZATION: Bosch Performance Line (65Nm)

LOAD CAPACITY: 200 Kg including 100 Kg on the luggage rack

REAR LUGGAGE RACK: can carry two children

COMPACT: 185 cm long – height adjustable steering column

STABLE: new double center stand

LIGHT: 28,5 Kg with battery

RIDING COMFORT: high “Dutch” handlebar position


SINGLE SIZE: for users between 1m55 and 2m00 tall

STORAGE: can be stored vertically to optimize space


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