The all-new Timberjack SLX 29 delivers a carefully-calculated blend of fun and versatility that embraces our Adventure by Bike mantra.

Updated geometry offers more stability in technical terrain without losing hardtails’ treasured pedaling and climbing capabilities—it feels like that friend who says “you’ve got this” before every intimidating trail feature. Adjustable Alternator 2.0 dropouts let you tune ride characteristics and change up your drivetrain if you so desire. We loaded this aluminum hardtail frame with mounts to make carrying stuff on your bike easier—ride your favorite trails without the weight of a pack, or gear up for bikepacking overnighters to your favorite backcountry spots. The 29 x 2.6” wheel and tire combo is strong in the grip and rollover departments, and Shimano’s SLX drivetrain delivers performance you can count on in all conditions.

The all-new Timberjack is ready for all-out trail sessions and adventures that go well beyond your local loops.

Current stock: Salsa Timberjack 29 SLX size Medium (M)

Price: £1900.00