This is the new generation of electric family cargo bike made in France. Very quickly became the benchmark for electric family cargo bikes, this best seller is available in over 200 stores across Europe!

The KIFFY Capsule cargo bike makes your life easier. This longtail model combines a heavy load capacity (up to 200 kilos) with limited size (only 185 centimeters) and weight (28,5 kilos). The KIFFY Capsule remains very stable and easy to manoeuver even when you carry 2 kids on the rear luggage rack. Thanks to its ultra compact design and dutch riding position, you feel directly comfortable and confident when riding your bike.
The addition of the long autonomy and powerfull Bosch electric motor allows you to ride freely and conveniantly without getting tired of pedaling. Whether it is to bring kids to school or go shopping. Whatever is your playground, the KIFFY Capsule performes equally in city center or in countryside. It gets all the features requested to go car-free and become your new everyday life best companion.
Easy-to-park in town, this cargo bike is a solid value for your daily rides and you are free to customize it with our dedicated accessories range. With a lifetime warranty on its frame, test and choose the durability and premium quality of this made in France bike with the Capsule.

Prices from: £4200.00